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How Microsoft is returning to its former AI glory

Microsoft missed some important boats—smartphones, mobile OS, cloud computing... But not AI—the company is poised to reclaim its prior glory.

Apple validates AI, throws hat into the ring in a major way

When Apple gets on board, you know it’s a big deal (or will quickly become a big deal). Apple is now all the way on board with AI.

Google brings artificial intelligence to the masses

Google's new TPU 2.0 chip is purpose-built to train neural networks — the cloud-based AI service could change everything.

Amazon lifts the veil on new Echo

Amazon's newest Alexa-powered Echo does more than just tell you stuff — it shows you stuff too. Take a gander at the Echo Show:

Siri vs. OK Google vs. Alexa vs. Cortana

The concept of talking to computers has been around in science fiction for decades. The ability to converse with a machine as easily and intuitively as we speak to one another has been the holy grail of user interfacing with machines for many a techie and Trekkie alike. One of...

What every company should know about innovation

In the 21st century economy, innovation might be the quintessential watchword. “Innovate or die” is something heard ‘round the clock in the business world, from small, scrappy startups to century-old corporate titans. Without question, if you’re not innovating to better serve your customers and partners, someone else is. That someone...

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