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Social Proof And Digital Products: An Important Collaboration

The Importance Of Social Proof For Your Digital Product Social proof is the backbone of many purchasing decisions. For customers looking to buy a product or service, it makes a lot of sense to look at what other people are saying about it. Social proof is much more than just...

What is the right Innovation KPI to measure?

Are you looking for the ideal innovation KPIs to measure the success of your innovation initiatives? When it comes to innovation, there is a seemingly limitless threshold into what can or could be achieved – or wasted. Managing innovation projects successfully requires measurements. You can manage what you can measure. ...

How to make your Innovation Program successful in your business

Before you embark on an incredible Innovation Program for your business, you need to understand the fundamentals. Innovation Programs provide a highly effective way for companies to validate and develop ideas, so that they can start moving forward with a solid product. However, if you haven’t worked through some key...

Humanovate: What does this new term mean?

If you follow startup culture, are listening to innovation podcasts, or talking to entrepreneurial types who are in the know, then you’ve probably heard of a new term – ‘humanovate’ or ‘humannovate’.  If you search this term in Google you’re unlikely to find many results, as at the moment the...

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