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.NET Micro-Services Developer

Position Detail

ENO8, a Dallas based emerging technology company focused on creating innovative software products, is currently hiring for an experienced .Net Micro-Services Developer.


If you think micro-services are where the rubber meets the road this is a job for you. We are looking for someone to elevate our micro-service practice, by arguing passionately for an appropriate security and orchestration layer. Talk to us about the rise of serverless, the differences between GraphQL and REST, and when and why an API gateway might be appropriate. Bonus points if you have strong opinions on unit testing, mocking and documentation via annotation.

About the job

ENO8 is looking for a micro-services developer to build and maintain functional API's and applications, with a focus on .NET. This role is for an individual contributor who takes ownership and leads by example. You should be familiar with and apply best practices for API development and be comfortable with controlled software release processes. We require a committed professional who is adept at problem-solving, focused on high quality and is not afraid to speak up.  ENO8 offers an exciting career for technologists who are team players and have the ability to deliver even under stringent deadlines.

Technical Skills

  • Previous experience writing micro-services in .NET coupled with a strong base in object-oriented design and functional programming
  • Strong experience with C#
  • Experience with MS SQL databases
  • Experience with Azure
  • Exposure to Typescript / Javascript
  • Exposure to Angular frameworks
  • Web fundamentals like HTML5 and CSS3

Knowledge of

  • Single-page applications inside a cloud environment
  • Micro-service architectures and API gateways
  • Stored procedures and RDBS fundamentals
  • Serverless and Infrastructure as Code


6-8 Years

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