maintenance services

What is your plan beyond V1? (Sorry if you thought you were done)

Just like technologies, your business changes over time and your applications must too.
Your website and mobile app are the faces of your business, and keeping them updated, informative, and optimized with regular maintenance is imperative. Fresh and current applications attract more traffic and also help to provide a seamless experience for potential customers.

To ensure that users don’t uninstall your app, they should be continually engaged and the application should be free of technical problems. We have the ability to upgrade content, address security issues, repair broken links, and integrate new features that consumers of today expect. With new functionality, we help our clients expand their business possibilities and offer more value to their users.


of users abandon a product after only one day of use.


of uninstalls are due to app crashes.


of users say a poor application experience negatively impacts their opinion of the brand.


of users abandon an app because it takes too long to load.


Keep internal resources focused on shipping new valuable features.

Frequent updates at a fraction of the cost of building a full in-house team.

Stay ahead of potential security issues.

Flexible options to fit any need or budget.

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