Orora Group is a multinational, multidisciplinary packaging and visual marketing firm. Spanning seven countries, 6,800 employees and 54,000 shareholders, Orora works at the intersection of core enterprise business enablement and consumer interfacing marketing.

Industry: Manufacturing
Services: Development, Testing, Maintenance
Platform: Web Application

The challenge

  • Orora eventually partnered with ENO8 for two challenges and two separate solutions. This solution, Orora’s “Tag Ordering System II” (TOS II), required a complete redesign and rebuild of a mission-critical ecommerce portal used by plant growers who supply plants to the nursery division of a large, national home-improvement retailer.

  • Orora needed to provide growers with an updated, more user-friendly ordering portal that would enable them to order millions of custom-printed tags for the plants they supply to the home improvement retailer.

  • Significant inherent complexity involved in the incumbent ordering process.

  • A successful solution would require complex, intensive integrat ion with multiple — often legacy — backend systems to satisfy all relevant stakeholders (this included both homegrown products as well as third-par ty systems).

  • While Orora does have a capable in-house IT department, the unit had neither the bandwidth nor the specific, niche skill-set required to deliver on this solution.


  • B2B e-commerce

  • Core product

  • Change management

  • Digital transformation

  • Custom web software development

  • Legacy system integration


  • .NET

  • JavaScript


  • Microsoft SQL

  • API creation and utilization

  • MSRP integration (Monarch)

The solution

ENO8 rebuilt Orora’s core horticulture e-commerce platform for the national home-improvement retailer ultimately connecting supply nurseries to their custom plant tag ordering site. A true b2b ecommerce project, ENO8 tied together a bevy of legacy systems into a modern, digital product, which required both depth and breadth of expertise, intense customiza tion and lockstep coordination with both Orora’s IT team and business stakeholders.

The impact

The solution completely modernized the plant ordering and supply process for the home-improvement retailer and kept Orora’s relationship with them strong for years to come.

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