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About the app

Legit is the consumer application. This specification focuses on the Legit application for Android.

Note that Legit will have a corresponding web app which will have a similar look and feel for the base views. This will be documented in a separate Web User App design document.

The previous revision refined branding and added the registered user’s collection along with potential photos and videos. This revision focuses on adding a photo to an asset in the user’s collection.

Services: Sports
Platform: Android

Your Own Dashboard

Scan With Smart Tagging

Store The Scans

Share with loved ones

The opportunity

Emmitt Smith (yes, that Emmitt Smith) ventured into a memorabilia retailer a few years ago and found a Cowboys helmet with a forged signature on it - his forged signature. So, he launched Prova Group to combat the sale and distribution of fraudulent memorabilia and goods.

To Combat fraudulent activity, PROVA developed an interactive technology platform that addresses three key points in the consumer buying cycle:

  • Help collectors purchase authentic goods
  • facilitate a dialog between brands and collectors
  • Offer value-added services for collectors

The challenge

Prova Group already had a system for tagging and scanning goods when they partnered with ENO8. What Prova didn’t have, however, was an Android solution that leveraged their existing system and extended it to the largest mobile operating system and ecosystem. Prova worked with multiple partners before ENO8; they found their prior developers couldn’t conquer the security and authentication challenges the Legit app required.

The solution

ENO8 employed a sophisticated combination of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, a custom Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) Library, and our unique continuous delivery agile methodology to conquer the development problem two other partners failed previously.

The Impact

ENO8 started off with a dingle planned phase of development to last eight weeks – and completed the project in six. We then scaled down into a maintenance mode for several months until Prova was ready to begin work on version of the product on time.

ENO8 came in under budget and Prove was able to add additional scope to the project and stay within the original quote. Furthermore, Prova is working with various retail brands to while label the product, thereby increasing potential market adoption, customers and revenue.

By combining our relentless pursuit of innovation with an obsession for client success, we became a valued business partner for Prova while helping them put their product and service in the largest mobile ecosystem in existence.

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