"Why Iteration is not Innovation"

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How the Most Innovative Companies Design Software

With Jeff Francis | Founder of ENO8

Join us as we delve into the surefire software design framework embraced by industry leaders for its efficacy and innovation.

We’re thrilled to have Emily Holmes on this episode, sharing her insights on one of the most transformative concepts in software design and problem-solving. Emily takes us on a journey through the Double Diamond framework, a model pioneered by the UK Design Council. She illustrates how this approach emphasizes understanding problems deeply before jumping to solutions, ensuring that we address the right issues with impactful answers.

By exploring the problem space thoroughly, software teams can avoid the pitfalls of delivering solutions that miss the mark. Teams often jump to solutions without fully understanding the problem at hand.

One great example? The Zune vs. the iPod. Another is Blockbuster vs. Netflix.

The stories she shares underscore the critical importance of asking the right questions and understanding the context before devising solutions.

Whether you’re a seasoned software designer or new to design thinking, this session offers invaluable insights into creating meaningful, user-centered innovations. Stay tuned till the end for practical tips on integrating this framework into your projects and ensuring your solutions truly resonate with your audience.

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