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Project Rescue

Project Rescue is
How You Save Your Software.

Bring us any software project that is off-track or floundering.
We work with you to triage existing issues, create solutions, and skillfully guide your project back on track.

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Who Needs Project Rescue?

Maybe you have an in-house team that doesn’t have the resources to devote to the project.

Maybe you’re working with a third-party vendor, and they aren’t getting the job done.

Maybe you own a small business or startup, but lack of experience building custom software has you in over your head.

If your software project is struggling, we can help.
We thrive on solving tough problems and discovering aligned solutions. Together, we can rescue a digital project in any stage of development.

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Turn Flailing
into Flying

If your unfinished software project is flailing or if your V1 didn’t meet users’ needs, it’s not over. But you can’t keep doing what you’re doing and expecting different results.

It’s time to pivot. It’s time to let software industry veterans help you rescue your project.

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Software failure doesn’t happen when there is a problem.

Failure happens when the problem is ignored.

Or when it’s solved with a short-sighted bandaid. Or glossed over by a third-party software development company.

It can be difficult to admit a software project is off-track.

It’s even harder to do something about it when it seems like just a bit more time, money, or resources might correct the course.

Don’t let sunk costs sink the whole project.

How Project Rescue Works

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We begin by pausing the software project. Read this article to learn about how a well-timed pause actually saves time.

Then we audit the project, seeking answers to questions like:

  • How clear is the team on what is being built?
  • What artifacts are guiding current efforts and which are missing?
  • Who is involved in the project and how aligned are they?

Usually a critical artifact, like a scope document or design prototype, was missed or not fleshed out in the beginning. Or there is a gap in expectations between stakeholders.

85% of project rescues are needed because the scope wasn’t clear from the beginning.

Once we have clarity on where the project is and where it needs to go, we reengineer the solution and rapidly assign the exact amount of resources necessary to cross the finish line. No more, no less.

Our team of software development experts has worked together for years, ushering over 100 successful software projects into the world. We have the confidence and experience to tackle any challenge.

Turn Your Software into a Hero

Success is knowing when to call it quits with software developers who aren’t building it right, aren’t listening to your needs, don’t have the capabilities they claimed, or can’t see the big picture.

Success is admitting you missed the mark with some early assumptions and thoughtfully seeking new validations.

Success is not letting sunk costs convince you to stay the current course.

Success is asking for expert help turning your software project into a product that generates revenue and is loved by users.

Here’s to your success.

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