"Why Iteration is not Innovation"

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The ingredients of a winning daily stand up

It’s the boring stuff that makes or breaks businesses. Maintenance? Boring. Daily stand up? Boring. Data scrubbing? Boring. But if you’re not doing those things well and often, your product can crumble. We all love to focus on inventions and new features because they’re fun, capture our imaginations and can... Read More

3 leaders your product development will fail without

We’ve built hundreds of innovative digital products over the last decade. With that experience comes some trends — you start to notice signals for success. One of the biggest signals we see in product development success is on the staffing front. We’ve identified three mission-critical roles and what it takes... Read More

Building a culture of innovation takes 2,000,000 steps… kinda

“How do we become more innovative” — it’s a question we’re asked by clients, friends, collaborators, you name it. People know they need to innovate to keep their companies competitive, but they’re not sure what steps they should be taking to get there. It’s 2 million steps… but not in... Read More

How to minimize risk in software development

Innovation and risk go hand in hand. Whenever you’re innovating (or trying to), you’re by definition trying to change something about the way you do business. Whether it’s changing a process, expanding into a new market, whatever, you’re taking a risk. The risk could be time, it could be money,... Read More

Innovation? Budget Cuts? Both?

As we wrap up November, we’re also getting toward the end of budget-planning season. (I know not every company works on a calendar fiscal year, but for a lot of us, Oct./Nov. is when we plan out budget allocations for the next fiscal year). We’re sorting out what we want... Read More

AI in healthcare — where we stand, what to know

In the halcyon days before ChatGPT, there was a lot of chatter about what artificial intelligence (AI) would actually do for different businesses/industries. We saw cool displays like AlphaGo and AlphaGo Zero destroy the world’s best Go players (which we were actually writing about all the way back in 2017).... Read More

Iteration ≠ Innovation. Why that matters, and what to know

When we talk about digital product development, terms like ‘iteration’ and ‘innovation’ are often thrown around. But what do they really mean? And how do they influence the way we approach product strategy? And perhaps most importantly, why does it matter that iteration ≠ innovation? Iteration ≠ innovation, the directors... Read More

The Product Clarity Spectrum

We have a mantra here at ENO8 — clarity is the antidote to risk. Especially when it comes to digital product innovation and software development, the more clarity you have around what you’re trying to build, the less risk you incur. That’s why we developed a “product clarity spectrum” to... Read More

How to move fast without blowing your budget

Despite the buzzword status it has achieved, velocity is more than just a fancy word we throw around at board meetings. Moving fast is a measure of our teams’ productivity and efficiency, a fundamental cog in the machinery of innovation. And boy, does it need some oiling. So how can... Read More

How do you drive digital innovation in a down economy?

We might not be entering a recession for sure, but the economic indicators are still all out of whack. Layoffs across industries, regional banks collapsing, enterprises pulling back, budgets shrinking… Even if we don’t enter a true recession, many businesses are acting as if we will so they can protect... Read More

So you’ve launched a successful software product… now what?

The adrenaline rush following a successful software product launch can be intoxicating, but what follows is less of a celebratory toast and more of a pivotal question: “What now?” No matter what industry you find yourself in, there’s a pretty strong likelihood you’ll end up building or leveraging a software... Read More

ChatGPT will remake software development — here’s how

The biggest story in tech right now isn’t massive layoffs… it’s ChatGPT (and Bard, but really… ChatGPT). Will it take all of our jobs? Maybe. Probably not. Hopefully not. Will we end up like Neo in the Matrix? I highly doubt it. But what it absolutely will do? Upend the... Read More

A full rebuild — how do you know it’s time?

At a certain point in any software product’s lifecycle, the question has to be asked: Is it time for a full rebuild of our software? It may not be in a month or a year or 5 years… but eventually, the question has to be asked. No software product exists... Read More

Secrets of digital product development (that don’t blow the budget)

I’ve been helping companies build digital products for well over a decade. I wouldn’t venture so far as to say “I’ve seen it all” … but I’ve seen a lot. I’ve made plenty of mistakes along the way (most of those mistakes are out of the way by now, but... Read More

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