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Category: Startups

9 Software Startup Founder Quotes that Inspire

Thinking of launching a software startup? Heed this advice from successful software startup founders who have paved the way! Read More

Stop! Startups, Read This Before You Hire a CTO

Don't fall prey to the common misconception that a tech startup should hire a CTO first or even early on. Instead, there are more tactical, effective hires to make well before a CTO. Read More

Is a Software Development Request for Proposal the Way to Start My Project?

Is a software development request for proposal or request for quote better? Or is there a third option that saves money, reduces risk, and increases chances of success? Read More

Tech Startup Failures and Flops to Avoid

Tech startup failures offer new startup founders the chance to learn from others' mistakes. Read about some recent flops as we share lessons that founders can apply to their businesses. Read More

Should I Start By Seed Funding My V1?

Startup founders, don't go for the full v1 seed funding right away. Instead, fund an Innovation Lab, get the clarity you need to be successful, and then have the confidence and justification to go back for the big investment round. Read More

Your Startup Won’t Fail from Technical Issues

The vast majority of software startups fail. The common misconception is that failures are usually the result of technical issues with the software itself. We dig into this idea and prove that the cause is something else altogether. Read More

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