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Why Dallas is a great place to launch a startup

In the world of startups and innovation, a few cities tend to dominate the conversation: San Francisco, New York, Boston, and more recently, Austin, Texas. But there’s another Texas gem that’s been quietly proving naysayers wrong: Dallas. Contrary to the prevailing narrative, Dallas is not only a great place to...

How to Vet Software Development Bids (Even When They’re All Over the Place)

Software development bids can be all over the place from very low to very high. Find out why and get tips for vetting partners.

Is a Software Development Request for Proposal the Way to Start My Project?

Is a software development request for proposal or request for quote better? Or is there a third option that saves money, reduces risk, and increases chances of success?

Clutch Names ENO8 as a 2021 Leading B2B Services Provider in Texas

Full-service Texas tech design build firm ENO8 has been named a 2021 leading B2B service provider by Clutch.

Mobile shopping trends and how to improve the customer experience

Have you been keeping up to date with mobile shopping trends? In 2021, mobile shopping makes up a huge percentage of online sales and enables people to access your online store wherever they are. No matter what you’re selling, having a presence on mobile is crucial to keeping your audience...

How Can Businesses Monetize An App?

Wondering how businesses can monetize an app? If you’ve built or are building an app, you’ll know that it isn’t cheap. Whilst having an app can be an amazing way to generate revenue, boost brand awareness and make the customer experience a whole lot smoother without much effort, it’s also...

The Key Stages Of Customer Retention And How To Improve Them

Customer retention is crucial to any business. While the initial acquisition of customers may give businesses a buzz, it is the retention and loyalty over time that keeps companies running. However, in a world where businesses can seemingly target any audience they like and sell to them directly, have we...

How Chief Information Officers Prove Business Value 

Every Chief Information Officer (CIO) has a big job on their hands when it comes to proving the value of the IT systems they implement. CIOs are responsible for managing and executing the tech systems of a company, and ensuring that the IT goals align with the broader business goals...

What is the right Innovation KPI to measure?

Are you looking for the ideal innovation KPIs to measure the success of your innovation initiatives? When it comes to innovation, there is a seemingly limitless threshold into what can or could be achieved – or wasted. Managing innovation projects successfully requires measurements. You can manage what you can measure. ...

Businesses Continue To Struggle With Innovation, According To CapGemini Report

Does your business struggle to innovate? According to a recent CapGemini report, you’re not alone. Businesses have been struggling with innovation, with many claiming that traditional R&D is ‘broken’. The headlines of the report are that despite many businesses investing in innovation centers and hubs, many are failing due to...

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