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Category: Business

2019 is the year of …

... cybersecurity. Attacks are getting both more advanced and devastating. That's why 2019 is the year businesses make cybersecurity a priority. Read More

Is it time for a Bill of Data Rights?

The Bill of Rights codified individual liberties at the U.S.'s founding; a Bill of Data Rights could do the same for our digital lives. Read More

AI hedge funds falling behind, reveal machine learning weakness

A.I. is being rolled out across industries, but its track record in hedge funds are mixed. Why? Too much noise, not enough signal. Read More

How legacy brands with legacy business models can harness AI to drive results

'Legacy' carries a negative connotation in a lot of ways. That shouldn't be the case, especially for companies harnessing AI to drive growth. Read More

Can you truly trust Apple? The company is betting a lot on your answer being ‘yes’

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica scandal, Apple is positioning itself as the anti-Facebook. Can we truly trust them, though? Read More

What one amazing World Cup goal can teach you about business

As the World Cup winds down, it's worth rewatching one of the most beautiful goals of the tournament and applying its lessons to real life. Read More

Starbucks shows us a company putting AI to work now

Starbucks has always been a leader in mobile personalization. Now, it's using a cloud-based AI engine to improve service even more. Read More

One of the most successful AI startups in the world is also one of its scariest

SenseTime's recent $600 million funding round proves two things: China is in it to win it on AI and image recognition is big business. Read More

How digital demands are changing the CEO/CIO relationship

Digital is no longer a bug in the corporate system, it's a feature. And as it has become more important, so too has the CIO. Read More

Has Apple lost its mojo? If A.I. is the future, then yes

Even though Apple is on top of the world, it's worth asking: is the company bullet proof? And if not, where are they weak? The answer is A.I. Read More

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