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Category: Technology

AI in healthcare — where we stand, what to know

In the halcyon days before ChatGPT, there was a lot of chatter about what artificial intelligence (AI) would actually do for different businesses/industries. We saw cool displays like AlphaGo and AlphaGo Zero destroy the world’s best Go players (which we were actually writing about all the way back in 2017).... Read More

Escaping the IT Frankenstack (No Pitchfork Necessary)

Software developers and Victor Frankenstein have one thing in common — the exceptional ability to bring a shambling patchwork of odds and ends to life and somehow make it work. If you find yourself at your wit’s end trying to manage the unholy IT “Frankenstack” you and your team have... Read More

When and Why to Code Audit Your Software

Technology is fast-paced and constantly changing. Your app or software may be equipped with the most-cutting edge and advanced technology at the time it’s built, but with rapid innovation in the tech world, no one can guarantee how long that title will last. All types of technology and software are... Read More

ENO8 Guide To Apple App Clips

App clips are a recent invention that aim to improve the user experience and offer a part of the app experience in seconds. App clips offer a great way for users to discover the thing they need the moment they need it with fast and lightweight programming that allows a... Read More

Mobile shopping trends and how to improve the customer experience

Have you been keeping up to date with mobile shopping trends? In 2021, mobile shopping makes up a huge percentage of online sales and enables people to access your online store wherever they are. No matter what you’re selling, having a presence on mobile is crucial to keeping your audience... Read More

15 mobile trends for 2021

Are you looking for the top mobile app trends for 2021? As we’re nearly a quarter of the way through the year, we can already see some trends emerging. In this article we’re unpacking the trends that have already emerged and the ones we expect to see. Take a look... Read More

What is a tech stack?

If you’ve been working in the tech sector, the phrase “tech stack” should be familiar to you. However, there’s a difference between familiarity and understanding. Knowing what this piece of jargon means is essential – especially if you’re involved in product development.  Whether you’re building a small app or an... Read More

Humanovate: What does this new term mean?

If you follow startup culture, are listening to innovation podcasts, or talking to entrepreneurial types who are in the know, then you’ve probably heard of a new term – ‘humanovate’ or ‘humannovate’.  If you search this term in Google you’re unlikely to find many results, as at the moment the... Read More

5G: What you need to know and how to prepare your business for it

Technology companies across the spectrum are raving about 5G — here's what it really is, and how it will transform your business Read More

Better grape & wine farming through technology (and how it can help your business, too)

You know AI is the real deal when a millennium-old industry gets in on the act. How grape farming is using AI to thrive. Read More

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