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Category: Technology

Robots and AI aren’t coming for your job, just the boring parts of it

Robots and AI probably won't take your job, just the boring parts of it. Humans are still too good at too much, but boring tasks? See ya! Read More

Two teams propose AI solutions to fake news problem

Fake news is a large and growing problem. But, two teams are working on AI solutions to this existential threat to democracy. Read More

Federated learning could solve medicine’s biggest AI obstacle

Google may have just solved medicine's biggest AI problem through a new approach called 'federated learning'. Read More

Reinforcement learning AI techniques now available to the masses

Reinforcement learning allowed AlphaGo Zero to master the game of Go unlike anything before it — the tech is becoming widely available now. Read More

IBM’s Project Debater AI takes on debate champion, is up to the task

IBM has a history of taking on humans at tasks reserved for, well, humans. Deep Blue has now paved the way for IBM's Project Debater A.I., and the results are fascinating: Read More

To evaluate AI efficacy, look to the future

To really benchmark AI efficacy, you have to focus on the future. Crunching past data is great — making accurate predictions is better Read More

Not to be outdone, Intel announces AI breakthrough of its own at CES: Nervana

Not to be outshone at CES 2019, Intel fired back at many of the larger hardware players in AI with the announcement of Nervana. Check it out: Read More

IBM unveils the first commercial quantum computer — IBM Q System One

CES never disappoints when it comes to next generation technology debuts, and the IBM Q System One from this year might take the cake. Read More

Why generative adversarial networks (GANs) are awesome… and awesomely terrifying

Generative adversarial networks, or GANs, are having a bit of a moment at the moment — what they are and why they matter. Read More

AI lends a helping hand… in battling breast cancer, proves better than human docs

Medicine has always been a perfect fit for AI improvement, and we're seeing some of that in diagnosing breast cancer metastasis Read More

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