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Category: Technology

DeepMind, AlphaGo and the future of computing

Google's DeepMind taught a computer to think. AlphaGo just defeated the best player in the world in the world's most complex game. Read More

Google competently combats a crisis

Google found itself in hot water yesterday after a massive, cunning phishing attack infiltrated Gmail — their crisis response was revelatory. Read More

Net neutrality may be on the way out under new administration

Net neutrality is one of the defining policy issues of the 21st century, and there could be some big changes on the horizon. Read More

Google’s physical web and the Internet of the future

At it’s heart, the Internet is a physical thing; Google is making a play to take that physicality one step further. Read More

Google, Waymo, Uber, Otto, oh my! (the other side of cybersecurity)

There’s no question digital security is top of mind for, well, basically everyone. Whether it’s alleged Russian interference into the U.S. presidential election or Yahoo exposing a billion (yes, that’s billion with a “b”) passwords, security breaches are front page news all too often these days. Read More

Google tango into the future

If you have a meeting across town, your phone can access your calendar, find the optimal route to that meeting, calculate travel time to your destination, give you vocal direction Read More

What every company should know about innovation

In the 21st century economy, innovation might be the quintessential watchword. “Innovate or die” is something heard ‘round the clock in the business world, from small, scrappy startups to century-old corporate titans. Without question, if you’re not innovating to better serve your customers and partners, someone else is. That someone... Read More

6,000+ businesses use IBM’s supercomputer ‘Watson’ — here’s why

IBM Watson has been quietly transforming the business world for three years now. Watson is IBM’s supercomputer that combines artificial intelligence, machine learning and cognitive technology to “think like a human.” Watson won $1 million on Jeopardy by besting the two most dominant Jeopardy champions of all time back in... Read More

Massive hack exposes dark side of the Internet of Things

If you’re located in the Northeastern U.S., you may have noticed many of your favorite websites or web services were unreachable late last week. From Netflix to Spotify, Github to the New York Times, Reddit and Twitter, many of the Internet’s most popular sites were seemingly offline for large swathes of... Read More

What comes after the Smartphones?

Gary Vaynerchuck recently asked a crowded room during one of his speeches, “How many of you would surgically attach your phone to your body right now if you could?” Read More

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