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Category: Technology

Why your (and almost every other) computer program is biased

Algorithms control our digital lives and power the world's most successful businesses. But, they're biased — and so is everything they power. Read More

What happens when machines deep learn from themselves?

After shellacking the top Go player in the world, AlphaGo is on to its next feat — beating its past self over and over and over again. Read More

The jaw-dropping engineering behind America’s next world-beating supercomputer

The U.S. is out of the top 3 in supercomputing for only the second time in the last 2+ decades. Oak Ridge's Summit supercomputer, coming online in 2018, is set to change all that... Read More

Artificial Intelligence helping humanity by battling hurricanes

Weather forecasts, especially during natural disasters like hurricanes, can save or cost lives. Applying A.I. could boost accuracy & save even more. Read More

The ethics of artificial intelligence and Moore’s Law

Developing technologies have the power to change the world; they can also lead to unintended consequences. It's time to consider the ethics. Read More

AI invented its own language humans can’t understand… ominous or awesome?

When pitting AI agents against one another, a fascinating phenomenon has emerged — AIs can cease speaking in English. Ominous or awesome? Read More

What is quantum computing and what could it mean?

Quantum computers sound like science fiction, but are increasingly possible. If so, they'd change the entire field of computing forever. Read More

How Microsoft is returning to its former AI glory

Microsoft missed some important boats—smartphones, mobile OS, cloud computing... But not AI—the company is poised to reclaim its prior glory. Read More

Apple validates AI, throws hat into the ring in a major way

When Apple gets on board, you know it’s a big deal (or will quickly become a big deal). Apple is now all the way on board with AI. Read More

Why you (yes you) should be thinking about AI

In the life of any new technology, the best businesses & clients always catch early, but not too early, growth — AI is that next big thing. Read More

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