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Category: Technology

What is AI really? And how can you tell when you’re actually using it?

As more and more firms tout AI bona fides, it's worth really defining what it is and when companies are actually harnessing it: Read More

There’s a reason we can make AI work for small businesses

First it was storage in the cloud. But now that neural networks are up there, it changes the game for AI access for small businesses Read More

Technology has ruined the music industry. Tech also saved it. What will AI do?

From acoustic to electric, vinyl to streaming, technology has driven music forward. But Napster et al almost crippled the industry. What will AI do? Read More

In scientists vs. earthquakes, can AI tip the scales to the scientists?

Seismology is a crucial hard science... plagued by uncertainty. In its battle against earthquakes, might AI tip the scales to the scientists? Read More

AI’s productivity payoff is still decades away… as it ought to be

Despite fawning coverage for AI, productivity hasn't seen the huge increase we'd expect. But I'd argue we're exactly where we ought to be in the adoption lifecycle. Read More

Can your FitBit or Apple Watch save your life? Just maybe…

Wearables took a while to take off. But now that they're far more common, medical researchers are realizing they're health data goldmines. Read More

Is the evolutionary algorithm more powerful than machine learning?

We hear about machine learning via neural networks all the time; but is the evolutionary algorithm actually more powerful? Read More

How do you turn an A.I. psychotic? Feed it the worst of the Internet

Artificial intelligence hasn’t reach the singularity just yet — essentially, the point at which an artificial intelligence becomes a more adept problem solver than humans such that it can think independently, creatively and iteratively improve itself in the process (summarized in Digital Trends nicely: “Super-intelligent machines will design even better... Read More

Why A.I. is the spoonful of sugar that makes the medicine go down

In a Mary Poppins sense, A.I. is a spoonful of sugar. But instead of medicine going down, it's bringing down errors and cost for stakeholders Read More

Did Google’s A.I. just beat the Turing test? Yes and no.

The Turing Test is one of THE benchmarks in artificial intelligence. And Google's A.I. might have just beat it with everyone watching. Read More

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