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Category: Technology

Quantum computing x artificial intelligence = a perfect storm?

A.I. is the hottest topic in tech, full stop; only true futurists are keeping close tabs on quantum computing. That might need to change as the two forces could just combine for a perfect storm. Read More

The next frontier in A.I.? Teaching machines to forget

Humans are pretty dang good at some things: pattern recognition, for instance. But it's our ability to forget that could take A.I. to the next level if we can get it to emulate us. Read More

Why natural language processing is A.I.’s silver bullet

Artificial intelligence (A.I.), in some form or fashion, is all around us; its presence pervades our lives in ways seen, hidden and/or overlooked. Its influence is growing and will continue to do so for years to come. As currently constructed, though, it will not lead to the idyllic future researchers... Read More

Why transparency is truly mission-critical to A.I. advancement

From Google to IBM, the major players in A.I. are obsessed with transparency and interpretability. What that means and why it matters: Read More

2 things limiting advances in machine learning… and what it would take to overcome them

Machine learning is getting better all the time, but there are two primary things standing in its way. What they are and how to overcome: Read More

What happens when neural networks are raised to the power of Titan?

When Google's DeepMind develops and tests its AI iterations, it uses an 800 GPU neural network to do it. What would happen if it had 18,000? Read More

Is A.I. coming for everyone’s jobs? Not so fast…

Automation and outsourcing decimated American manufacturing. Is A.I. going to be automation on steroids across the economy? Not so fast... Read More

The one technology we’re most excited about in 2018

Quantum computing might not happen for 5 years, but the impact when someone gets it right will be monumental — that's why it's our #1 for 2018 Read More

2017 in reflection — 5 things we loved

2017 saw some tumultuous politics but some momentous technology — here are 5 of our favorite advancements from last year. Read More

Nvidia pits dueling AI’s against each other to fascinating results

Nvidia has figured out how to enable GPUs to 'dream' while turning those dreams into actionable & fascinating intel. What a time to be alive. Read More

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