"Why Iteration is not Innovation"

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Iteration ≠ Innovation

Jeff Francis shares strategic insights on why iteration is not innovation, why that matters, and how to think about both. Here’s a sneak peek into the key areas we’ll delve into: 🧐 Necessary vs. Sufficient for sustained success⏳ Difference in time horizons🔭 What you’re focused on (features vs. the problem)⚖️ What’s the scale of the […]

How to go fast without burning your budget

Jeff Francis shares strategic insights on how you can improve your team’s velocity without exceeding your budget. These are the key areas we’ll delve into: 1. Understanding your velocity:Learn how story points can be used to gauge velocity, the importance of adhering to sprints for measuring velocity, and how daily tracking of velocity points estimation […]

6 Signs It’s Time to Rebuild Your Product

Companies want their products to last forever. But the reality is that software and apps are only as good as the platform they were first built on – no matter how skilled the development team is at updates. Eventually, it’ll be time for a full rebuild. The key is finding the perfect time to start […]

How do you drive digital innovation in a down economy?

Whether or not we’re technically in (or entering) a down economy, headlines around the country certainly show that things are worsening… Layoffs across industries, belt tightening for corporate budgets, and a tight labor market make it a tough environment for business leaders. So how do you continue to drive digital innovation in this climate? One […]

5 Ways to Get Your Software Project Back on Track

If you’re unhappy with your software product’s progress or think it should be farther along, we get it. Most software development takes longer and costs more than it should (we’ll also touch on why this happens).  Don’t settle for being delayed or over-budget when you can use these 5 steps to get back on track! […]

How Confident Are You in Your Software Development Team?

If you’re developing software — any kind of software — there’s an element of second guessing. There has to be, right? You’re putting a lot of time, money and resources behind something. So how do you know if your money is being well spent? If you’re not super technical yourself, but you’re in a position […]

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a CTO

CTOs are often the backbone of a company’s software development, so why would we suggest not hiring one? Let’s be clear, CTOs are a vital and necessary part of many businesses… but only at the right stage of a company’s life. With that being said, the reason we think most early-stage startups shouldn’t hire a […]

7 Strategies for Keeping Your Developers Happy

Sad Fact: If your developers are under-appreciated, unhappy, or stagnant, your software product may suffer.Happy Fact: Happier developers build better products on shorter timelines at lower cost.So how do you help your developers feel happy, fulfilled, and engaged? What’s needed is understanding. Understanding is the fuel of empathy and empathy is what fuels perspective shifts. […]

Surefire Software Design Framework Used By Industry Leaders

Ever wondered what sets apart major players like Microsoft, Oracle, Google, and even Coca-Cola? Wonder no more! Design expert Emily Holmes will share the secrets behind legendary software design and show you how to o set it up from the start. You’ll learn how you can:✔ Define the actual problem your users are facing & […]

How to P.I.V.O.T. When the Product Landscape Changes During Development

After more than 100 software startup projects, I’ve seen the product landscape significantly change during development many times. Luckily, there’s an effective way to pivot. Unfortunately, there are about 50 ways to UNsuccessfully try to pivot. We’ve worked through this with countless clients, and created a Guaranteed Formula for Pivoting Software in Times of Change. […]

The Secrets to Building a Great Product (That Doesn’t Blow Your Budget)!

Everyone wants to build a successful app or software product, and nobody wants to fail! But did you know most companies won’t fail entirely?  It’s true. The graveyard of digital products is littered with those that were just…good. In software development, good is the enemy of great. Great products have staying power; they initially wow […]

Beat the Odds of Software Failure

2/3 of software projects fail. Our handbook will show you how to be that 1 in 3.