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Through hundreds of client engagements across nearly a decade, we noticed founders and business leaders had the same questions, concerns, and problems when staring down a software development project. We hatched ENO8 Answers to offer our decades of software development experience and expertise to anyone thinking about building, updating, or redesigning a software product.

The bottom line is that ENO8 Answers helps you make sense of software development. It’s free, it’s informative, and it isn’t stuffy.

You can find our catalog of prior sessions below. And as always, if you have a more specific question, reach out anytime!


5 Ways to Get Your Software Project Back on Track

Transcription: Everyone. Thanks for joining us today on our next ENO8 answers. We, I think we have a really interesting topic today that we get asked about a whole lot and we find ourselves in a situation a lot where we’re giving input on, on the topic that we chose for today. This is the […]

How Confident Are You in Your Software Development Team?

Transcription: Hi, everyone. We’ll go ahead and get started. Welcome back to another one of our ENO8 answers. Today’s topic is another one that we get asked about really frequently. And so we thought we would dig into it. And what’s kind of neat about the, the session we put together today for the workshop […]

Why You Shouldn’t Hire a CTO

Transcription: Everyone. We’ll get started in just a minute. I think. It looks like a few folks are still joining in and, joined by Jordan from our team today too as a Panelist here kind of helping us run these. So glad to have her today.This is our first ENO8 answers of the New Year. […]

7 Strategies for Keeping Your Developers Happy

Transcription: So, thank you all for hopping on the webinar. I think we, you know, we picked a pretty good topic this week that hopefully will be pretty valuable to those that are really hands on involved with running dev efforts and just product development efforts overall. So, the title that we decided on for […]

Surefire Software Design Framework Used By Industry Leaders

Transcription: All right. Well, let’s go ahead and get started, shall we? So thank you all, thanks everybody to to, to join us today. You know, we’ve got a really exciting topic, you know, as, as a lot of you probably know, we’ve got a pretty regular series that we call innovate answers where we […]

How to P.I.V.O.T. When the Product Landscape Changes During Development

Transcription: Everyone. Thanks for joining. We’re going and get started. We’re doing another session of what we call ENO8 answers where we try to pick up certain types of questions or challenges that we frequently see our clients come across and just talk about those and you know, get that information out so others can […]

Build a Great Product That Dazzles Customers and Doesn’t Blow the Budget

Transcription: Hi everyone. We’re going to go ahead and get started. I think we’re gonna go ahead and stream livestart joining in today. We’re doing another episode of ENO8 answers and really excited about this topic today. I think it’s something that that touches that sort of the core of what people are trying to […]

How to Leverage Onshore, Offshore, or a Blended Dev Team

Transcription: Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining us today!This kind of a new exciting small little info session that we’ve started doing called ENO8 Answers.So thanks for joining us today.We’re kind of excited to talk about the topic that we have, we have planned for the discussion day.Before we jump in, I kinda wanna encourage you […]

Beat the Odds of Software Failure

2/3 of software projects fail. Our handbook will show you how to be that 1 in 3.