"Why Iteration is not Innovation"

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Build a Great Product That Dazzles Customers and Doesn’t Blow the Budget

With Jeff Francis | Co-Founder of ENO8

Everyone wants to build a successful app or software product, and nobody wants to fail! But did you know most companies won’t fail entirely? 

It’s true. The graveyard of digital products is littered with those that were just…good.

In software development, good is the enemy of great. Great products have staying power; they initially wow users and then they thoughtfully iterate in a way that makes them even more lovable.

Creating a wildly successful software isn’t like a unicorn sighting (rare and possibly mythical)! It’s actually the result of doing the right prep and planning up front. 

Too many companies ignore or rush through this stage and end up with a product that is okay.

Don’t be one of them.

Beat the Odds of Software Failure

2/3 of software projects fail. Our handbook will show you how to be that 1 in 3.