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Software Maintenance

The Key to Long-Term App and Software Success is Maintenance.

Maximize the ROI of your development investment with preventive software maintenance.

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Who needs Product Maintenance?

Only companies invested in long-term success.

Every app and software product that has gone the distance has prioritized ongoing maintenance.

Don’t get trapped in the mindset of ‘the product launch is the destination.’ That’s just one landmark on the ongoing journey of running a successful digital business.

If this was a scary movie, we’d have this sign, “Beware! Ignore Maintenance At Your Own Risk!”

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Price of Skipping Maintenance

Don’t let your product or users pay the price for failure to maintain.

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The graveyard of failed products is littered with companies that didn’t invest in digital product maintenance.

For the user experience, the fallout is:

  • Bugs/slow load times
  • System update issues
  • Stale or glitchy UX
  • Problem-solution misalignment
73.2% of people indicate being likely to leave a review after a negative app experience.

For the business, the fallout is:

  • Unhappy users who abandon the app and leave bad reviews
  • Lost income
  • Poor ROI on dev costs
  • Loss of competitive advantage

The highest cost of not doing maintenance is, of course, app or
software failure.
Are you willing to pay that price?

Benefits of Preventive Software Maintenance

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You wouldn’t wait until the house burns down to buy homeowner’s insurance. Protect your assets ahead of time.

“Our chatbot was down for three months before anyone on the team realized it. That means countless users had a poor experience with our brand. We came to ENO8 to avoid that happening again.”

Be proactive, not reactive. Anticipate changes and solve ahead of time to avoid user disruption.

73.2% of people indicate being likely to leave a review after a negative app experience.

Avoid scrambling for dev help. A dedicated maintenance team is responsive, knows the product, and seeks the best solution, not a bandaid.

“Our app was crashing for three weeks before I could reach the old developers to fix it.

Attract new users with positive reviews, because your product rocks.

Jumping from a 2-star to a 4-star average rating can double app store conversions.

Maintenance keeps a software product
alive and thriving
– rather than stagnant.

Three Approachesto Software Maintenance

Winging It

Please dont.

  • Risky

    What if a system update crashes your product? What if your bandwidth is maxed out? Your product is at risk without a dedicated team.

  • Slow

    Your fire is not a priority to most developers. You’ll wait for dev time. Then their solution will be rushed.

  • Pricey

    It’s much more expensive to jump onto a developer’s schedule out of the blue.

  • Stale

    You built an innovative product. No matter how much you planned, you can’t see the future. Don’t let your product stay static in a dynamic world.

ENO8 Software Maintenance

Focus on growing your business. We’ve handle the product.

  • Start Now.

    Our team is available immediately.

  • The Right Fit.

    Our bandwidth is broad and deep.

  • Expertise

    Have a unique problem? Engage one of our specialists only as much as your project needs.

  • Responsive

    Our proven solution scales up/down as your needs evolve.

  • Flexible

    Our proven solution scales up/down as your needs evolve.

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In-House Team

Time-consuming and expensive.

  • Expensive

    More than ever before, employees are costly to hire, train, and maintain.

  • Unpredictable

    Contractors come and go. Do you want to train new ones regularly?

  • Waiting Game

    Building a team takes time and resources. Do you have time to hire in this market?

  • Wasteful

    You may need only half a developer’s time, but you have to hire a whole human.

ENO8 Software Maintenance Plans

Our plans meet you where you are in your product life cycle. Choose the level that fits you, and we’ll further tailor it to your business.

Flexible Maintenance Solutions

Monthly Heath Report
Monthly QOS Report
Quarterly App Audit
Weekly Budget & Status
Collaboration Tools
CI/CD Pipeline
Sentiment Analytics (Not Included)
Analytics (Not Included) (Not Included)
Releases (REQ Service Credits) (2 / Year) (Unlimited)
Support (M-F 8/5 CST) (1 Credit / HR) (1 Credit / HR) (Unlimited)
After Hours Support (1.5 Credit / HR) (1.5 Credit / HR) (As Per SRA)
Service Credit Cost Purchase as Needed Bundled Credit Discounts Available (Included)
Ingest fees may apply Standard Monthly Fee
w/o Development
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Here’s to not winging it!

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