"Why Iteration is not Innovation"

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How Confident Are You in Your Software Development Team?

With Jeff Francis | Co-Founder of ENO8

If you’re developing software — any kind of software — there’s an element of second guessing. There has to be, right? You’re putting a lot of time, money and resources behind something. So how do you know if your money is being well spent?

If you’re not super technical yourself, but you’re in a position of power (or are the primary stakeholder / decision maker for the project), how do you know for sure your dev team is up to the challenge?

Even if you are technical, you’ll still have concerns about budgets and timelines.

How can you tell if you’re on the right track?

How do you know if your team is actually gunna be able to build what you want?

Or that it’ll be done on time?

Or on budget?

Never fear — ENO8 Answers is here.

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