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Mobile shopping trends and how to improve the customer experience

Have you been keeping up to date with mobile shopping trends? In 2021, mobile shopping makes up a huge percentage of online sales and enables people to access your online store wherever they are. No matter what you’re selling, having a presence on mobile is crucial to keeping your audience...

What is the Design Thinking process?

How do we undertake the process of tackling problems – especially those that are ill-defined or unknown? This is one of the biggest challenges that businesses who are trying to innovate at a fast pace face. This is where design thinking comes in. When you’re truly innovating, you’re working without...

Should I build or buy? How to make a decision on whether to build a digital product

When your organization decides to build an app, it’s always an exciting time. But the first decision is often one of the hardest. Should you outsource app development or build a digital product? In essence, what you need to decide is who is going to design, develop and launch the...

‘Design thinking,’ Google, and how to sprint your way to success

Design thinking dictates how many of the largest, most influential companies tackle their thorniest problems. What to know, and how to apply it yourself.

iPhone lockscreen – ground zero for mobile interaction

There have been some huge developments in the custom software field this year. From machine learning, neural networks, and self-driving vehicles, to Watson integration, virtual reality and A.I., it was a big year in tech. But one of the more subtle changes in iOS 10 might be just as important...

Why 1 in 4 people throw your app away after one use

Apple’s app store sports more than 2 million apps. Google’s Android marketplace boasts even more — greater than 2.2 million. Today, apps are crammed together into tighter space than ever before. Predictably, the total number of apps we actually install and use on our devices is relatively small. Smaller still...

How to ensure your app’s success

Building a great app can be a vital step in securing a company’s prosperous future. With so much commerce, communication, work and play carried out on our mobile devices, many firms cannot (and should not) afford to overlook the mobile space as an avenue for sustained future growth. With all...

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