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Category: Business

Wal-Mart and Amazon take their war to the cloud

Wal-Mart and Amazon are natural rivals—one, a brick-and-mortar behemoth, the other an e-commerce goliath; the fight now extends to the cloud. Read More

The titans of heavy industry lean in to artificial intelligence

Neural networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) aren't just for computers any more — great big machines use them too. Read More

Sports, the Oscars and business — what Sunday’s snafu can teach you

There are few television events that are destination viewing nowadays. Sure, you and a few million Game of Thrones fanatics might eagerly await the new episode every Sunday night, but for the greater cultural zeitgeist, that’s not the case. With the advent of DVR and streaming services like Netflix, Hulu... Read More

You’re not the Uber of anything (and should be careful what you wish for)

Without question, this is one of, if not the, most uttered phrases in early stage tech startups: We want to be the Uber of grocery delivery, or we're going to be the Uber of laundry, or flowers etc. Read More

President Trump, leaks and cybersecurity

If you’ve been paying attention to the news — literally any news — you’ve seen an avalanche of stories coming out of President Trump’s White House. Many of those reported stories originated with a leak (or many — some have cited as many as 20 sources in one article) inside... Read More

The one sentence company

I recently read a fascinating article about the state of the modern news company. It’s the topic de rigueur in the wake of its stunning inability to first take President-elect Trump seriously, then its inability to cover him competently, or its false equivalency problems between the candidates, and now its... Read More

Why Facebook and Google are embroiled in controversy right now… and what it can teach your business

It should come as no shock that last week’s presidential election was as shocking a political result many of us have seen in our lifetimes. From the most complex data analytics operations within both parties to old-school “gut instinct” pundits and prognosticators, nearly everyone not on President-Elect Trump’s payroll thought... Read More

What Apple’s quiet failure can teach you about your business

There's no denying the outsized influence Apple and its decisions have on the global economy. As the largest firm by market capitalization, and one of the undisputed leaders... Read More

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