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Why Your Software Project Will Take Too Long

Is your company embarking on a software project and planning to handle it in-house? There are some things you should be aware of, namely that your software project is almost guaranteed to take too long. If Benjamin Franklin had been born about 300 years later, he’d have amended his list...

Tech Startup Failures and Flops to Avoid

Tech startup failures offer new startup founders the chance to learn from others' mistakes. Read about some recent flops as we share lessons that founders can apply to their businesses.

Clutch Names ENO8 as a 2021 Leading B2B Services Provider in Texas

Full-service Texas tech design build firm ENO8 has been named a 2021 leading B2B service provider by Clutch.

Should I Start By Seed Funding My V1?

Startup founders, don't go for the full v1 seed funding right away. Instead, fund an Innovation Lab, get the clarity you need to be successful, and then have the confidence and justification to go back for the big investment round.

Software Project or Software Product? Know Which One You’re Creating

Newcomers to the software development world often use the words “software project” and “software product” interchangeably. This is a big mistake.  It isn’t just the tech sector’s desire to be precise (though we are really into being precise) calling out the difference. The two words – project and a product...

Your Startup Won’t Fail from Technical Issues

The vast majority of software startups fail. The common misconception is that failures are usually the result of technical issues with the software itself. We dig into this idea and prove that the cause is something else altogether.

ENO8 Guide To Apple App Clips

App clips are a recent invention that aim to improve the user experience and offer a part of the app experience in seconds. App clips offer a great way for users to discover the thing they need the moment they need it with fast and lightweight programming that allows a...

The Importance Of Continuous Iteration In Product Development 

Product development is an ongoing process. Not only does there need to be iteration of ideas in the initial creation process, but once you have a solid product it is also crucial to keep working through ideas in order to improve the product. In an iterative design process, your product...

Mobile shopping trends and how to improve the customer experience

Have you been keeping up to date with mobile shopping trends? In 2021, mobile shopping makes up a huge percentage of online sales and enables people to access your online store wherever they are. No matter what you’re selling, having a presence on mobile is crucial to keeping your audience...

5 iOS Development Trends To Consider

When you’re building an app, iOS development trends always have to be a consideration. Why? Because many people will be using your app on iOS, so it makes sense to create something that works on that operating system. Because iOS is the operating system for Apple, and Apple’s is the...

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