"Why Iteration is not Innovation"

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Iteration ≠ Innovation

Date & Time

Aug 25, 2023 12:00 PM (CST)


Join us this Friday, August 25th at 12pm CST for a can’t-miss live webinar in which ENO8’s CEO Jeff Francis will share strategic insights on why iteration is not innovation, why that matters, and how to think about both. Here’s a sneak peek into the key areas we’ll delve into:

  1. 🧐 Necessary vs. Sufficient for sustained success

  2. ⏳ Difference in time horizons

  3. 🔭 What you’re focused on (features vs. the problem)

  4. ⚖️ What’s the scale of the issue? (Is it an addition or a multiplication value-add?)

  5. 🔍 What’s the primary skillset? (Vision or execution?)

  6. 👪 Who’s on your team?

If you’re interested in making exponential gains in your market or industry, this could be an important primer for how to get into the innovation mindset. 

Join us this Friday (and submit any questions you may have ahead of time, and Jeff will answer them in the webinar) to learn why iteration ≠ innovation, and what you should take away from that distinction.

About ENO8 Answers:
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