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This event marketing company helps consumer-focused clients like Ford create new relationships with potential clients. The company operates a fleet of 18-wheelers that they dispatch to create fun, engaging live events across the country. At these events, this company usually conducts a raffle that serves as an invaluable prospecting tool for their partner brands. The company needed to transition away from pen and paper data collection and manual data entry and move toward an automated, digital solution. ENO8 built an entire mobile-first data capture platform to streamline the surveying process, decrease capture time, increase all the data for the client in new, efficient dashboard.

Industry: Marketing / Advertising
Services: UI/UX Design, Development, Maintenance
Platform: iOS (iPad), Web Application


You’ve probably experienced one of their marketing events before. If you’ve ever been to a live sporting event, there’s almost always a cool giveaway (think a tricked-out Ford Raptor truck) you can enter to win – sually accompanied by some swag.

This company runs those live event giveaways and captures all that prospect data for their client partners. Ford is one of their clients, and they “put the Ford Brand in the hands of over 400,000 consumers” last year via swag, raffle entries, etc. They capture tens of thousands of customers’ information some weekends and deliver those leads to the sponsoring brand, driving increased brand interaction and retail foot traffic.


This company’s legacy system involved paper, pens and manual data entry. ENO8 had to bring a digital solution leveraging the iPad platform to a large, distributed network with a host of variables to overcome. On any given weekend, the company could have dozens of event teams across the country manning hundreds of iPads capturing data from tens of thousands of fans. Not all those iPads would be within WiFi or data range; the information captured from the public is sensitive, necessitating rigorous security protocols; the data itself is the thing of value to the company and its clients, meaning data slippage is unacceptable. Altogether, ENO8 had a formidable challenge to overcome and a mission-critical solution to architect and build.


  • ENO8’s solution enabled this marketing company to build, test and alter surveys/data fields in real time, and then dynamically push upda tes to the entire distributed network of iPads. These could also be changed during events as necessary, allowing them to tailor the questions in the most efficient and effective manner possible. The scalable solution could expand or contract to any number of iPads, events or entries in a given time-window — sometimes handling as many as 20,000+ entries in a single day. All that information is stored locally on each iPad in case of Internet non-connection, while the iPads also continuously sync when data services are present to ensure capture and uploading of every piece of vital data, all the time.
  • ENO8 leveraged Amazon’s SDK to cut down on custom coding requirements and saved the company money and decreased solution time to market. ENO8 also built in top-of-the-line security features for data protection as well as data integrity for flawless capture. A custom backend admin panel all owed for faster survey construction as well as provided dashboards for event ef ficacy tracking, KPI monitoring and data insight for the company as well as their clients.


The new solution cut down on survey construction time, data entry errors, staff field errors, and data input errors. The solution also dramatica lly reduced data input time on behalf of the customers entering sweepstakes, meaning fewer company staff members can monitor more customers per event, either increasing operational efficiency or increasing total data captu red for every event across the company. These events and the leads they generate for their customers are the lifeblood of the company – this solution is the backbone of their renovated field operation. It doesn’t get much more missio n critical than that. This company trusted ENO8 with the core of its business, and we were more than up for the challenge.

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