"Why Iteration is not Innovation"

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19 Out of 20 Product Innovations Fail

The #1 reason? Poor planning.

ENO8’s Innovation Lab is planning on steroids.

We do the heavy lifting up front. You get shorter development timelines, fewer costly reworks, and a clearer roadmap. Most important, you emerge with a product that truly innovates.

Save time. Mitigate risk. Create an unforgettable product.

Be the 1 in 20.

You Do It Differently.
So Do We.

Who you are

Your mission drives you.
You are burning for innovation.
You see technology as a bridge between your mission and your customers.

You measure a platform’s
value by its impact.
You want a partner to help inspire ideas, uncover disruptive opportunities, align stakeholders, and actualize big thinking supported by data.

What you need

Your idea is a spark, yet you have many questions…

Will our customers care about what we build?

The developer bids are all over the place; which is the right one?

Will our customers care about what we build?

Could this flop?

What stokes our fire

We are passionate about creating software that really matters.

We don’t build apps. We build relationships. We believe a technology solution should connect your customers to your purpose in a meaningful way. We seek to revolutionize each customers’ experience of your digital brand.

The Innovation Lab shows us how.

We push past the limits of what has been done. Then we push harder.

We can help no matter what phase you’re in.

We take fear out of the unknown.

We bring clarity to confusion.

Spend for Results

We care about how you spend your money.

It costs to create an extraordinary digital product. The question is when and how do you want to spend?

Most companies

…spend money on expensive learning curves during the process.

Innovation Lab clients

…spend up front to proactively gain insight and a more accurate cost assessment.

Most Lovable Product

Raving Fans > Users

Minimum viable product (MVP) is a facet of function.
Minimum lovable product (MLP) is an indicator of innovation.

We don’t want your customers to simply utilize your platform. We want them to love it!

With every concept we evaluate and every platform we design, our team focuses on making sure our clients end up with a truly lovable product.


Discovery Sessions

  • Understand
  • Define

Our chief goal in here is to really understand and define the problem. This ensures we’re solving the right thing.

Objective: Problem Definition


Ideation Workshops

  • Generate
  • Filter

Participate in interactive exercises with different members of your team. These exercises are designed to generate ideas and filter top priorities and direction for your product.

Objective: Solution Visualization



  • Learn
  • Measure
  • Build

Experimental research and testing upfront allows us to validate the solution before diving into development, greatly reducing your risk of product failure and overspending.

Objective: Solution Validation


Rapid Development

  • Learn
  • Measure
  • Build

By the end of the workshop, you’re fully equipped with a beautiful, clickable prototype and all of the material to support its use case.

Objective: Prototype

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