"Why Iteration is not Innovation"

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Confessions of Technology Leaders: Success stories and lessons learned from bringing digital products to life.

In this Webinar, we’re chatting with the CTO of Alto, a successful rideshare service startup in the DFW area. Jonathan Campos currently serves as CTO and we’ve invited him to participate in a webinar conversation to discuss what lessons they’ve learned in the process of bringing their digital rideshare product to market. Jonathan has extensive experience in cloud and mobile application development. We’re excited to have him join us in a conversation regarding what challenges they’ve encountered since the beginning and how they’ve adjusted in response to COVID. We’ll cover everything from managing technical debt, to prioritizing features, to having the right resources to participate in development efforts. We’ll also be joined by our Chief Architect Bill Francis to make for a fun and engaging conversation on a wide range of topics within digital product development.


Jonathan Campos

Jonathan is CTO at Alto, a ride-hailing startup based in Dallas, Texas. With over 12 years of consulting experience for some of the largest companies in Dallas, along with being involved in many startup ventures, Jonathan comes with a vast cross section of knowledge in the areas of architecture and development, product management, and corporate growth strategies.

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