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At ENO8, we pride ourselves on engagement flexibility – we do everything from basic design to end-to-end construction & implementation to project rescue or rebuilds. One such flexible engagement was our partnership with ProsRent: the team behind the company won a startup competition and needed help turning that seed money into a minimum viable product to get to market as quickly and efficiently as possible. They chose ENO8 to help design and build the first iteration of what will become a much larger and more complex offering over time.

Industry: Construction
Services: Design, Development, Testing
Platform: Web Application


ProsRent took “Best Financial Opportunity” and “Best Pitch” at CodeLaunch 2016, which is an “event aimed at giving tech startups in the Midwest the opportunity to pitch and meet with potential partners and investors.” The idea? Revolutionize how construction professionals source and rent necessary heavy equipment.

In the construction world, project managers and contractors typically don’t own their heavy equipment – they rent from a supply company. But, inventory can be hard to predict, and it can be a hassle finding what equipment you need where you need it when you need it. And if your preferred vendor doesn’t have it, you end up wasting time and money trying to find it, as well as probably paying more for it because you’re not getting a preferred rate. It can also increase delivery costs if the vendor is located farther from the job site. On the other side of the equation, suppliers would like access to a wider base of trusted renters that the suppliers don’t have to vet themselves. And, they’d like to offer more dynamic rental pricing based on demand and availability in their market. ProsRent bridges these gaps.


ProsRent’s two primary advantages are 1) an innovative, market-altering idea, and 2) a first-mover advantage. Obviously, the hope is that that first-mover advantage, paired with its strong founding team, will translate into a superior product and dominant market share before any other companies try to enter the market. The challenge, then, was to produce a minimum viable product that was fast and first to market but also strong enough to engender loyalty and repeat business from the target market.


ENO8 built an end-to-end rental platform servicing suppliers and renters alike. It begins with a supplier portal that makes it easy to list, price and track inventory available for rent. Built into that platform comes inventory management; roles-based permissions for different platform users; a powerful dashboard; dynamic pricing schedules the suppliers can set, modify or program to change based on market conditions; and a responsive web application, all linked to the same platform architecture, meaning renters can access your fleet from anywhere and you can update your inventory from anywhere too.

For renters, it completely revolutionizes their day-to-day work experience. Powerful searching capabilities provide any and all renters a snapshot into the local/regional/national rental market at any given time. It puts far more vendors into play for rental sourcing without them having to call around or inquire yard-by-yard for availability. It allows renters to get exactly what they need, with search specifications like preferred drivetrain, undercarriage, operating capacity, horsepower, etc. The platform also provides complete transparency inpricing and access to a much larger fleet of machinery. Furthermore, it will remove the need to open individualized accounts with every vendor or pay up front by standardizing the interaction relationship.


Before ProsRent could become a business reality, it required a minimum viable product. Without the web portal, back-end architecture, mobile app and payment processing integrations, ProsRent couldn’t take its company to the next level. Its founders had the bright idea, but they needed a pro to bring it to fruition; ENO8 provided the expertise and experience required to bring the product and the company to market. The platform ENO8 built for ProsRent could not be any more mission critical… it’s the entire mission!

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