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A startup formed by a team of doctors and business professionals, TeleMedCo sought to apply cutting-edge technological systems and processes to modernize, streamline and expedite the ER experience for both doctors and patients.

Industry: Healthcare
Services: Innovation Lab, Design, Development, Testing
Platform: iOS (iPad), IBM Watson, IBM BlueMix


  • Currently, the healthcare industry is massively expensive: doctors and hospitals often eat costs incurred in the diagnosis and treatment stages in the ER which in turn increase costs for patients. Why? Because 50-80% of people who visit emergency rooms are in non-critical condition, meaning physicians need to prioritize treatment accordingly. To do this, they run tests, evaluate medical histories, etc., which even under ideal circumstances can end with slow or incorrect diagnoses. TeleMedCo recognized this market i nefficiency and sought to alleviate this human problem through a technological solution.
  • But to secure buy-in from hospitals and doctor groups required a proof-of-concept that caregivers could actually see, interact with and use. And considering the team developing the idea had no software, hardware or artificial intelligence expertise, they required a technology partner that could fully grasp the use case, visualize the real-world processes at play, ideate a diagnosis solution and then bake it into a working prototype for sales and demonstration purposes.


  • Core product ideation and development
  • Strategy planning and implementation
  • Custom software development


  • Native iPad app
  • Python
  • IBM Watson artificial intelligence integration
  • Real-time image recognition
  • Voice User Interface (speech to text and text to speech)
  • Video conferencing


  • In the company’s quest for seed capital, ENO8 developed a working prototype capable of automating the entire Emergency Room “chest pain protocol.” This would be one of dozens of such protocols in a live version, but the prototype served more as a proof-of-concept to secure backing.
  • The chest pain protocol began with a voice user interface between the iPad app and the patient. ENO8 integrated the app with IBM’s Watson and trained the A.I. to analyze and recognize specific conditions within che st x-rays and/or EKGs such that the iPad app could move the patient either to a non-critical care protocol, or automatically video conference in a physician if Watson identified an irregularity within the x-ray or EKG.


Because of ENO8’s unique and battle-tested development process, we were able to put out a superior, customized solution to the company’s previous platform despite a rigorously truncated timetable. Their business relies exclusively on its digital technology infrastructure, and that infrastructure was effectively eliminated overnight. ENO8 was able to not only rebuild it, but markedly improve that infrastructure to improve operations, oversight, forecasting and reporting into the future.

More importantly, as is true in all our engagements, our partners own and control the IP behind the solutions we build together. The marina operator can now white-label the technology solution ENO8 designed for them and sell it to both other marinas and any other business requiring hourly rental reservations and tracking. This allows them to not only recoup its development investment, but also turn its technology platform into another, distinct revenue stream.

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