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Why Is Flutter Becoming More Popular For Mobile App Development?

If you’re considering mobile app development for your business, you will likely have already stumbled across Flutter. Many design agencies and developers use Flutter to create beautiful apps that serve the customer and deliver a great UI and UX, as well as delivering the project quickly and to budget.

In this article, we’re taking a look at why Flutter is becoming the biggest open-source mobile software development kit of its kind. Deciding whether it’s right for your app will involve a little investigation, so take a look at the best bits of Flutter to discover if it’s right for you…

What is Flutter Mobile App Development?

Flutter was introduced by Google in 2015 and officially launched in 2018, and there has been a significant buzz around it ever since. Although it’s not yet the most popular mobile software development kit (SDK), it is quickly becoming more and more popular with developers.

Flutter is an open-source mobile software development kit which can be used to create native mobile applications for both Android and iOS from just one code base. It is similar to React Native and other open-source mobile software development kits, however Flutter stands out for its ability to enable two different apps to be built from just one programming language and code base. This single code base makes app development simple and seamless, which is why it has become such a hit with developers. 

However it’s not just developers who love Flutter – it is becoming popular with clients and business owners who love it for its look, feel and practicality. Flutter is centered around the use of its own ready-made widgets, which are created to look native to both Android and iOS. Developers can create an entire UI by combining these pre-made widgets, which makes mobile app development seamless.

Mobile app development with Flutter uses a programming language called Dart, which focuses on front-end development and is a typed object programming language, with similar syntax to JavaScript.

Why Carry Out Mobile App Development With Flutter?

Lots of developers use Flutter to create robust, scalable apps that can cater to current scrolling behaviours. Flutter is a Google software, so lots of Google loving developers will often see it as a great development application to build on. It uses Dart which most developers can get to grips with as it’s so similar to Java or JavaScript.

As with all Google products, Flutter is loved because of the community support and tutorial guides around it that help developers get the most out of it. It’s considered easy to use and can build incredible applications, which is what draws people to mobile app development with flutter.

Why Has Flutter Become So Popular?

Flutter is fast becoming one of the most popular methods of app development due to how accessible and easy it is to use. In fact, According to a Stackoverflow survey, Flutter is the third most loved of all the mobile app development frameworks.

Here are the top reasons that people are opting to use Flutter for mobile app development:

  • Cross-platform capability 

In the past, making your app run on different operating systems would entail re-writing the code for each individual platform. This was time consuming, and would involve huge amounts of testing and adapting for each platform. One of the main reasons Flutter is so popular is that with Flutter you can write less code as the software has cross-platform capability.

  • Lots of plugins that are easy to use

Flutter offers a wide range of widgets and tools on top of the basic UI capabilities, which means developers can create attractive interfaces with minimal effort. This also makes it easier for developers to meet client demands and broaden the possibilities of the app they’re building.

  • Less coding time makes it more affordable

One of the main benefits of using Flutter is that developers take less time to code the app as it works across various platforms. This means that there is often a cost saving on the development costs, which is often passed on to the client or business building the app. Less coding time often means a more affordable app.

  • Apps can be built quickly

Flutter’s Hot Reload feature means that any changes you make whilst coding are automatically saved. This feature reflects the current updates in the app so that you can complete the project in real-time and see your coded changes.

  • You benefit from an easy integration process

Flutter is easy to embed into your existing app, meaning that when you want to add something to an old app, it’s a great framework to use. With Flutter, you can easily integrate the new UI in the old app.

  • Flutter creates scalable apps

Flutter uses Google’s firebase support, which means that you can create serverless and scalable apps very quickly. This is ideal for companies who are planning to grow quickly and want to start building with software that they can scale with.

  • You can create visually appealing apps

Flutter is ideal for projects where visuals have a high importance, due to its native libraries with ready-made widgets. The look and feel of the apps are very visually appealing due to the readily available design elements that offer a great UI.

How Can You Create An App Using Flutter?

If you’re a developer wanting to learn how to use Flutter, you can learn more by installing the application and using the Google support to build your own app. 

Alternatively, if you’re not a developer and want to explore the options for app development for your brand, you can work with a company like ENO8 to help you take the project from fruition to completion.

Building a mobile app is no small job, but with ENO8 you’ll be able to understand what is going on at every stage, and will have full input into the creative process. We act as an extension of your internal product team, and use tried and tested methods to bring you the digital product that you need in order to innovate and grow.To learn more about what we do, and discuss your business needs, get in touch now.


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