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  • Concentra, a division of Select Medical, provides occupational medicine, urgent care, physical therapy and wellness services across 44 states through more than 520 medical centers.
  • From drug screenings to wellness programs, physical therapy to preventative health & wellness regimens to urgent care clinics, Concentra’s health and wellness services combine primary, preventive, occupational, and environmental health services to improve employee wellness while reducing employer spending.
  • Concentra had a legacy mobile app, which Apple removed from the App Store; on a tight time schedule, Concentra needed to understand why this happened, determine the necessary updates for reinstatement, and complete those updates/improvements.

Industry: Healthcare
Services: Design, Development, Maintenance, Testing
Platform: iOS


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  • Strategic consulting
  • Legacy system assessment
  • Project rescue
  • App rehabilitation
  • Feature expansion and augmentation
  • App resubmission and reinstatement to App Store


  • Native iOS App
  • Swift
  • AWS
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Chatbot


  • Concentra had two problems when they initially engaged with ENO8: how could they update their app to achieve App Store reinstatement and drive greater user adoption and continued engagement going forward?
  • Apple had undertaken a reboot of the App Store, targeting a swath of apps for removal that didn’t present enough unique functionality to justify a full native app (versus something like a responsive web app)
  • Concentra came to ENO8 under intense time constraints seeking:
    • A granular assessment of their current app
    • ENO8’s recommendations for updates, user experience improvements, and added functionality that, if added to their app, would help pass Apple’s review standards to get the app placed back into the app store
    • A roadmap for added features that would make the app more valuable to its users


ENO8 performed a deep dive into Concentra’s legacy app, determined where it ran afoul of Apple’s new App Store standards, then provided a detailed roadmap of updates and feature expansion that would secure its place in the App Store moving forward. ENO8 prioritized the development roadmap so Concentra could move through it chronologically, adding each feature one by one, to get to the minimum acceptable threshold for the App Store as quickly as possible; Concentra could then add additional features for better usability and greater user adoption post-reinstatement. Finally, ENO8 harnessed AWS and artificial intelligence to build a Chatbot feature into the app that was flexible enough for Concentra to leverage across all its digital properties, from iOS to Android to their website.


  • Concentra needed to get their app back into the App Store and quick. That required an exacting analysis of what had gone wrong, what they needed to improve and then executing on those recommendations.
  • ENO8 was able to not only shepherd Concentra through that entire process, rescue their product and achieve App Store reinstatement, but we also dramatically expanded the features and capabilities of the product to significantly improve user experience and adoption.
  • The engagement was so successful that when COVID-19 rocked the country, Concentra came to ENO8 under even more intense time strictures to create a mobile pandemic kit: They needed to convey facility information (like hours, closings), safety protocols/requirements, etc. on a facility-by-facility basis — inside the existing app — to best serve both their patients as well as their staff. Within a few days, ENO8 was able to effort this and push an updated app into the App Store.

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