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5 iOS Development Trends To Consider

When you’re building an app, iOS development trends always have to be a consideration. Why? Because many people will be using your app on iOS, so it makes sense to create something that works on that operating system.

Because iOS is the operating system for Apple, and Apple’s is the second most popular app store in the world, it makes sense to cater to iOS. Android users are also an important consideration, as Google Play comes in with the most apps available. However, the second-largest app store belongs to Apple, with almost 1.82 million available apps for iOS.

When creating an app that is iOS compatible, it’s crucial that you understand what is expected of apps that feature on the App Store. Here are the iOS development trends that you need to keep on top of if you’re looking to build a killer mobile app…

Why is iOS development important?

First things first, iOS was formerly iPhone OS and stands for iPhone Operating System. It was specifically created by Apple to work on its hardware and ensure that apps run smoothly on iPhones. It was first featured in 2007, and has evolved with iPhone development ever since. We are now working with iOS14, which has a whole host of exciting new features.

The reason iOS is so crucial is that in 2018 the percentage of mobile users who used an iPhone was 45% in the US. That is predicted to be rising all the time, so you can see how much of the market Apple dominates. Building an app that isn’t iOS friendly is going to cost you money and mean that you can’t connect with a huge percentage of your audience.

Why Create An App For iOS?

Here are some of the key reasons that people choose to develop iOS apps:

  • They drive revenue: iOS apps drive more in app purchases, making them a desirable investment for business owners looking to boost revenue with their app.
  • iOS apps are considered more professional: iOS is known for advanced feature and business-centric technology.
  • iOS is thought of as more secure: the general consumer will consider an iOS app more secure due to the Apple algorithms that keep data safe and make it hard to hack Apple products.
  • They are used by your target audience: another key reason that people choose to develop iOS apps is that they are extremely popular and with year on year growth they are likely to be a good investment.

iOS Development Trends To Consider 

  • Enhanced Security Measures 

Learning about iOS development trends is crucial as it tells us how we should be building our apps to cater for demand. Clearly, Apple is very aware that security is one of the key priorities for consumers at the moment, with data breaches having a huge impact on a brand’s reputation.

As such, when building iOS apps, developers should be aware of the security protocols that come along with building for iOS. iOS14 is moving forward to prevent cyber security attacks and protect customer data.

App builders should consider how they will handle personal data, and consider boosting technology to support the premium cybersecurity standards that Apple are setting. For example, they recently ditched their password autofill technology to move forward with more comprehensive authentication frameworks.

  • Machine Learning And AI

When it comes to the latest technology, machine learning and AI are central to how apps are moving forward. Apps are becoming more engaging, robust and efficient with the use of machine learning and AI, and iOS developers should be aware of how their apps may need to utilize this new technology to keep up with demand.

Using Machine Learning and AI is a great way to optimise the user experience and make app development more efficient and time effective. 

  • IOT Integration

IoT is everywhere now. From watches that tell you everything from your heart rate to your VO2 max, and thermostats that tell you the temperature remotely, IoT makes life so much easier.

Smart home technology, fitness wearables and even smart contact lenses are becoming part of the growing internet of things, and apps are evolving to participate in the conversation. An iOS app trend for 2021 and beyond are apps that integrate with IoT.

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality capabilities that mean app developers can have some fun when developing their app. ARKIt is the largest AR platform in the world and helps to compose seamless AR-based iOS apps.

Although AR is traditionally thought of as a gaming term, it is actually being increasingly utilized by businesses. As such, in the coming years we’re likely to see more and more AR based apps cropping up, which should be a consideration for developers looking to brush up their skills.

iOS allows developers to create apps that offer multiple face tracking, collaborative sessions, and sophisticated 3D-object detection, making AR apps a fun and exciting option and a key development trend.

  • Cloud-based iOS Apps 

Cloud-based apps are becoming popular on iOS, as they allow huge volumes of data to be stored in a small space. With Cloud technology, there is no space required on a system, and this is incredibly attracted to businesses and consumers alike.

By running data on the cloud and utilising the cloud’s storage space, businesses can access a secure storage space with ease. Cloud-based iOS apps are on the rise as more and more businesses demand huge data storage options. We’re only seeing the start of this trend, so if you’re building an app that needs to store data this is an iOS development trend to consider.

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