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What is a User Journey Map and why is it important when building a new digital product?

If you’re about to create a new digital product for your business, you have an exciting path ahead! One of the most crucial aspects of building a new digital product is creating a user journey map to inform the build.

Whether you’re building an app, website, custom software or any other digital product, you need to know how your user will navigate through your digital space so that you can optimize it for them. Forgetting a user journey map, or not putting enough effort into one can be a major downfall for any client. 

Don’t fall into that trap – take a look at why a user experience map is so essential.

What Is The Purpose Of A User Journey Map?

A user journey map is a visual map which describes how the user will view and interact with your digital product. A user journey map is a visual representation of how your customer will experience your product and can be used to estimate where they will navigate to and when, and what needs the product will meet for your customer.

The main goal of any digital product is to add value to a user and ensure that their needs are addressed. A user journey map helps you see your product from a user’s point of view in order to assess how effectively you are serving them.

User experience (UX) is highly dependent on an effective user journey map that carves out a pathway for the user as opposed to having them confused about where they should go.

What Should A User Journey Map Look Like?

This really depends on your digital product goal. Essentially, the user journey map should take you through the steps that a user will take when they first interact with your product all the way through to when they complete a goal action that you have set. This may be making a payment, leaving a review, signing up to something etc. Whatever your goal is, the user journey map should be focused around how the user will be taken there on their journey.

User journey maps will have a specific user, a specific scenario and the goals set up as the framework. Then, it will show user actions, user thoughts, user emotions as they move through each stage and then finally the desired outcomes and opportunities that this user journey presents. These maps can take different formats, but generally they will be in a flow chart format with problems, customer steps, emotions, and insights and outcomes as key elements.

How Can I Create A User Journey Map?

If this article has got you excited to start your own user journey map, that’s great news! If you want to create your own user journey map to dump all of your ideas, then you can find many online templates which will allow you to take the first steps towards mapping out your user journey for your digital product.

It is always recommended that you work with digital product experts before embarking on creating a new product. At ENO8, we help to fine tune your user journey map, or consult you as you start one from scratch. 

As a full service innovation lab we are able to take your idea from conception to fruition and support you the entire way. We understand innovation, and we want to be your perfect technology partner for your next digital product


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