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What is Digital Product Development?

In a world where every activity we do on a daily basis is becoming increasingly digitized, digital products are becoming a major focus for many companies. But in order to ensure their success, it’s important that enough attention is paid to the development of these digital products.

What do we mean by digital product development?

The term digital product development (DPD) refers to the improvement or adaptation of the user experience of a company’s software. Digital product development can fully or partially overhaul the user’s journey while using the software, engineering the entire experience to deliver products to the user at speed.

Typically, DPD utilizes agile development methodologies, and everything can be adapted according to results from regular tests and input from stakeholders.

What kind of digital product development should companies be looking at?

There are multiple aspects to digital product development, so it’s important that companies understand what mix is right for them, and that no key areas are overlooked. Of course, these are constantly changing, but this short overview can give you an idea.

For starters, digital product development can help companies work on how they reach their clients on their smart devices. This includes the personal customization of these devices, as well as apps, user interface and functionality within that. It’s all about improving how the user interacts with the company using their personal device.

Businesses also can make use of analytics platforms, with a little help from digital product development. Analytics can be used internally to provide data which can help a company understand and monitor their performance in various processes, and consequently troubleshoot any arising problems with ease.

Another area where digital product development can be a huge benefit to a business is in software applications, or more specifically, digital platforms. Developing digital platforms can be beneficial to a business because they connect users from different demographics over the internet, so they can exchange information and purchase products.

Digital platforms can be very complex, so it would be helpful for businesses to get an expert from an external company like ENO8 to take them through every step of this digital product development process.

Digital product development can also be used to help companies to improve the way they connect to the Internet of Things, which is a network of interconnected sensors and technologies embedded in physical objects, which enables them to send and receive data. This is a rapidly growing digital technology which can seriously aid the growth of a company’s digital product and improve their offering.

How to execute DPD

Digital product development needs to fit in with a company’s objectives and values. Good DPD works on the basis of both speed and flexibility.

Some of the key techniques for developing digital products are ensuring all decisions are made based on data analytics where possible, and allowing customers to be involved at every stage – from the very beginning of the design process to giving feedback along the way.

With all these various aspects to focus on, it might seem overwhelming for business to handle all of this DPD themselves. That’s why many businesses choose to work with an external company who will push the project through from beginning to end and ensure that it is managed well and completed to perfection.

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Jeff Francis is a veteran entrepreneur and founder of Dallas-based digital product studio ENO8. Jeff founded ENO8 to empower companies of all sizes to design, develop and deliver innovative, impactful digital products. With more than 18 years working with early-stage startups, Jeff has a passion for creating and growing new businesses from the ground up, and has honed a unique ability to assist companies with aligning their technology product initiatives with real business outcomes.

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