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Category: People

Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Mental Health and A.I.

It’s been a particularly tragic couple of weeks in the press: two beloved public figures committed suicide in short succession. First, we lost Kate Spade, followed by Anthony Bourdain. Both individuals left behind young children, fortune, fame and seemingly everything else a successful person could possibly want. Except, mental health, neurology and... Read More

The first line of defense against cyberattacks? Your employees

It's critical to spend time and resources to prevent cyberattacks. But, your employees are your first line of defense—arm them too. Read More

What Harvey Weinstein can teach us about A.I.

Harvey Weinstein is on a long list of powerful men who used their position to prey on the vulnerable — what our industry must learn from it. Read More

Trump’s effect on tech

President Trump is clearly intent on following through on many of his campaign promises. But, one of the EOs drawing the most ire (from the tech world at least)? His de-facto Muslim ban. Read More

What Kevin Durant and Usain Bolt can teach you about business

What do Kevin Durant and Usain Bolt have in common? Well, a lot actually. Both are elite athletes in their respective sports (obviously). Durant is an eight-time all star, four time scoring champion, two time olympic gold medalist and the 2013-14 NBA’s most valuable player. Bolt is the most dominant... Read More

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