"Why Iteration is not Innovation"

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The ingredients of a winning daily stand up

It’s the boring stuff that makes or breaks businesses. Maintenance? Boring. Daily stand up? Boring. Data scrubbing? Boring. But if you’re not doing those things well and often, your product can crumble. We all love to focus on inventions and new features because they’re fun, capture our imaginations and can... Read More

Wal-Mart and Amazon take their war to the cloud

Wal-Mart and Amazon are natural rivals—one, a brick-and-mortar behemoth, the other an e-commerce goliath; the fight now extends to the cloud. Read More

What is quantum computing and what could it mean?

Quantum computers sound like science fiction, but are increasingly possible. If so, they'd change the entire field of computing forever. Read More

How Microsoft is returning to its former AI glory

Microsoft missed some important boats—smartphones, mobile OS, cloud computing... But not AI—the company is poised to reclaim its prior glory. Read More

With the flick of the AI wrist, Google upends an industry

AI is upending industries right and left. The newest field under its microscope? Job hunting: Google makes it easier than ever. Read More

The titans of heavy industry lean in to artificial intelligence

Neural networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) aren't just for computers any more — great big machines use them too. Read More

Apple validates AI, throws hat into the ring in a major way

When Apple gets on board, you know it’s a big deal (or will quickly become a big deal). Apple is now all the way on board with AI. Read More

Why you (yes you) should be thinking about AI

In the life of any new technology, the best businesses & clients always catch early, but not too early, growth — AI is that next big thing. Read More

DeepMind, AlphaGo and the future of computing

Google's DeepMind taught a computer to think. AlphaGo just defeated the best player in the world in the world's most complex game. Read More

Google brings artificial intelligence to the masses

Google's new TPU 2.0 chip is purpose-built to train neural networks — the cloud-based AI service could change everything. Read More

Amazon lifts the veil on new Echo

Amazon's newest Alexa-powered Echo does more than just tell you stuff — it shows you stuff too. Take a gander at the Echo Show: Read More

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