"Why Iteration is not Innovation"

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3 leaders your product development will fail without

We’ve built hundreds of innovative digital products over the last decade. With that experience comes some trends — you start to notice signals for success. One of the biggest signals we see in product development success is on the staffing front. We’ve identified three mission-critical roles and what it takes... Read More

Google tango into the future

If you have a meeting across town, your phone can access your calendar, find the optimal route to that meeting, calculate travel time to your destination, give you vocal direction Read More

Trump’s effect on tech

President Trump is clearly intent on following through on many of his campaign promises. But, one of the EOs drawing the most ire (from the tech world at least)? His de-facto Muslim ban. Read More

What Kevin Durant and Usain Bolt can teach you about business

What do Kevin Durant and Usain Bolt have in common? Well, a lot actually. Both are elite athletes in their respective sports (obviously). Durant is an eight-time all star, four time scoring champion, two time olympic gold medalist and the 2013-14 NBA’s most valuable player. Bolt is the most dominant... Read More

Intelligent apps are the future… and the tech is within reach

As an industry veteran and entrepreneur, I field a lot of questions from businesses, organizations and individuals about what to expect next in the world of business technology — whether that’s new hardware, software, services, etc. And when asked that question at the moment, there’s but one answer to that... Read More

Siri vs. OK Google vs. Alexa vs. Cortana

The concept of talking to computers has been around in science fiction for decades. The ability to converse with a machine as easily and intuitively as we speak to one another has been the holy grail of user interfacing with machines for many a techie and Trekkie alike. One of... Read More

iPhone lockscreen – ground zero for mobile interaction

There have been some huge developments in the custom software field this year. From machine learning, neural networks, and self-driving vehicles, to Watson integration, virtual reality and A.I., it was a big year in tech. But one of the more subtle changes in iOS 10 might be just as important... Read More

Why 1 in 4 people throw your app away after one use

Apple’s app store sports more than 2 million apps. Google’s Android marketplace boasts even more — greater than 2.2 million. Today, apps are crammed together into tighter space than ever before. Predictably, the total number of apps we actually install and use on our devices is relatively small. Smaller still... Read More

The one sentence company

I recently read a fascinating article about the state of the modern news company. It’s the topic de rigueur in the wake of its stunning inability to first take President-elect Trump seriously, then its inability to cover him competently, or its false equivalency problems between the candidates, and now its... Read More

5 apps challenging the social networking paradigm… and what they can teach you

Just over a year ago, Musical.ly hit number one in the app store. When apps like this break out and pull in millions of new users, other businesses are forced to take note and competitors must adapt. And the slower-moving giants like Facebook and Tinder can’t stop the small guys... Read More

What every company should know about innovation

In the 21st century economy, innovation might be the quintessential watchword. “Innovate or die” is something heard ‘round the clock in the business world, from small, scrappy startups to century-old corporate titans. Without question, if you’re not innovating to better serve your customers and partners, someone else is. That someone... Read More

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