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What Apple’s quiet failure can teach you about your business

There's no denying the outsized influence Apple and its decisions have on the global economy. As the largest firm by market capitalization, and one of the undisputed leaders...

Your top question answered: “Should we build for Android or for iOS first?”

This question is still one of the first ones we get from clients. Given mobile’s importance to many companies’ very lifeblood, we’ve taken pains to answer it properly.

Should you build a mobile web app, a native app, or both? The answer, the order and why

While desktop internet usage certainly maintains a strong presence within most of our lives, the internet as a whole has rapidly come to court mobile traffic as well. Gone are the days of shrinking a full-size website or application down onto a small screen — every company worth their weight...

What comes after the Smartphones?

Gary Vaynerchuck recently asked a crowded room during one of his speeches, “How many of you would surgically attach your phone to your body right now if you could?”

What is continuous delivery software development and why should you care?

Software development methodology might not sound sexy, but it has massive implications for how mobile-enabled companies do business [...]

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