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Category: Development

Do They Love You? Building a Software MLP

There’s no easy way to say it – most software development standards are far too low. In lean software development (a methodology designed to minimize company waste and maximize customer value), the minimum viable product (MVP) is the goal. Minimum viable product refers to building the app or software such... Read More

Is Your Software Development Timeline Off Track? How to Know.

Software projects, whether built in-house or by a development partner, often run long. Not only does this usually equate to a more expensive product, a delayed project can mean being beaten to market by a competitor. Poor planning that prolongs software development timelines is costly and can be a reason... Read More

Skimp on Software Maintenance? Only If You’re Willing to Pay the Price

Software success is a long game. No app or software product is flashy, anticipated, or popular enough to overcome failure to maintain. Failure to maintain occurs when developers don’t respond to (or predict and prevent) bugs, reported issues, operating system updates, and other things that degrade the user experience. Poor... Read More

The Importance Of Continuous Iteration In Product Development 

Product development is an ongoing process. Not only does there need to be iteration of ideas in the initial creation process, but once you have a solid product it is also crucial to keep working through ideas in order to improve the product. In an iterative design process, your product... Read More

Mobile shopping trends and how to improve the customer experience

Have you been keeping up to date with mobile shopping trends? In 2021, mobile shopping makes up a huge percentage of online sales and enables people to access your online store wherever they are. No matter what you’re selling, having a presence on mobile is crucial to keeping your audience... Read More

5 iOS Development Trends To Consider

When you’re building an app, iOS development trends always have to be a consideration. Why? Because many people will be using your app on iOS, so it makes sense to create something that works on that operating system. Because iOS is the operating system for Apple, and Apple’s is the... Read More

Why Do Innovation Labs Fail?

The majority of companies are seeking to be innovative – to the extent that Innovation Labs are set up with the sole purpose of generating new ideas. These set-ups can fall under many different names — accelerators, business incubators, R&D hubs. Incubating spaces are safe places for new ideas and... Read More

Don’t start building your digital product until you know these 3 things

When you think you’re ready to start building a digital product, it can be a really exciting time. Many people have a clear idea of what they want their digital product to look and feel like, and this drives the creation.  However, there’s much more that must go into planning... Read More

The 6D’s Of Digital Innovation Progress: A Technology Innovation Theory By Peter Diamandis

Have you heard of the 6D’s of technological progression? If you work in digital innovation or entrepreneurship, you need to be aware of this new school of thought proposed by Peter Diamandis in his book “Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World”.  As you can tell by... Read More

Why Is Flutter Becoming More Popular For Mobile App Development?

If you’re considering mobile app development for your business, you will likely have already stumbled across Flutter. Many design agencies and developers use Flutter to create beautiful apps that serve the customer and deliver a great UI and UX, as well as delivering the project quickly and to budget. In... Read More

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