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Category: Development

A Guide To The Software Development Lifecycle

When you embark on software development, it’s important to understand how the software development lifecycle works. Many stakeholders go into software development expecting it to be an easy process, only to find that there are many moving parts that have to fit into place in order to build your ideal... Read More

Flutter vs React Native

As the tech world is constantly evolving, there are always new technologies to learn. Sometimes it’s difficult to know which ones are worth your time and which ones aren’t. So, what are Flutter and REACT Native and how do they compare? What is Flutter? Flutter was introduced by Google in... Read More

What is a Product Owner In Agile?

What is a product owner in an Agile team? We’re looking at the role of a product owner and their key responsibilities. Read More

What is a User Journey Map and why is it important when building a new digital product?

If you’re about to create a new digital product for your business, you have an exciting path ahead! One of the most crucial aspects of building a new digital product is creating a user journey map to inform the build. Whether you’re building an app, website, custom software or any... Read More

Google’s Flutter framework enables true multi-platform development

For years, building apps for multiple platforms was expensive and tedious. Google's Flutter, though, enables true cross-platform development. Read More

Why the Progressive Web App might just be the future of mobile

For businesses looking to take their mobile strategy to the next level, the Progressive Web App may be the best of all worlds. Read More

Reinforcement learning AI techniques now available to the masses

Reinforcement learning allowed AlphaGo Zero to master the game of Go unlike anything before it — the tech is becoming widely available now. Read More

Innovation should be driven by use cases — not the other way around

'Innovation' might be one of the most overused words in tech. Be sure to start with a use case and not with innovation for innovation's sake Read More

AI revolutionizing another field — oil & gas exploration?

Oil & gas is both an old-school and new-school industry — analog technology like drilling paired with complex computer modeling... enter AI Read More

How legacy brands with legacy business models can harness AI to drive results

'Legacy' carries a negative connotation in a lot of ways. That shouldn't be the case, especially for companies harnessing AI to drive growth. Read More

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