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Category: Products

Google brings artificial intelligence to the masses

Google's new TPU 2.0 chip is purpose-built to train neural networks — the cloud-based AI service could change everything. Read More

Amazon lifts the veil on new Echo

Amazon's newest Alexa-powered Echo does more than just tell you stuff — it shows you stuff too. Take a gander at the Echo Show: Read More

How do I use the Internet of Things for my business?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is novel and filled with potential. But, how to leverage it for business advantages? Microsoft takes a swing... Read More

Step 1 to ensuring entrepreneurial success? Product/market fit

Nothing separates the good startups from the greats more than product/market fit. What it is, why it matters and how you can get some. Read More

Siri vs. OK Google vs. Alexa vs. Cortana

The concept of talking to computers has been around in science fiction for decades. The ability to converse with a machine as easily and intuitively as we speak to one another has been the holy grail of user interfacing with machines for many a techie and Trekkie alike. One of... Read More

5 apps challenging the social networking paradigm… and what they can teach you

Just over a year ago, Musical.ly hit number one in the app store. When apps like this break out and pull in millions of new users, other businesses are forced to take note and competitors must adapt. And the slower-moving giants like Facebook and Tinder can’t stop the small guys... Read More

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