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Category: Products

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway & JP Morgan want to upend healthcare. In China, they’re behind the curve

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan want to upend America's healthcare industry. Will they follow China's lead and use A.I. to do so? Read More

Slack toppled email (kinda). With A.I., can it fend off competitors?

Slack, at a $5 billion valuation and 77% Fortune 100 market penetration, is a collaboration behemoth. Can A.I. keep it on top? Read More

Google A.I. researchers develop alternative architecture for neural networks

Google's top A.I. team has discovered a new architecture for a neural network that could be faster and more efficient — capsule networks. Read More

‘Siri, why aren’t you better yet?’

In a rare historical anomaly, Apple was the first major player to release a digital voice assistant (Siri). How has it fallen so behind then? Read More

OK, Google: throw yourself away — making voice recognition disposable

Voice-recognition is the interface of the future. Learn about the Googler who's trying to make it tiny, cheap, efficient and disposable. Read More

Is Facebook building a voice assistant to compete with Siri, Alexa?

Facebook may be aiming its A.I. prowess at a voice-based assistant. Should Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft be worried? In a word: yes. Read More

Google’s new algorithm is a better photographer than you

Researchers from Google and MIT recently unveiled a machine learning algorithm that can retouch photos as well as a professional photographer. Read More

Does Apple have the next iPhone-level hit on deck? Some would say yes…

Few inventions in history have impacted modern life as much as the iPhone. Does Apple have an innovation successor in the wings? Read More

Your Roomba might be mapping your home… and planning to sell that data

Reports suggest that not only might Roomba's be mapping your home... its parent company could be looking to sell that data to third parties. Read More

With the flick of the AI wrist, Google upends an industry

AI is upending industries right and left. The newest field under its microscope? Job hunting: Google makes it easier than ever. Read More

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