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Category: Products

Viv — one virtual assistant to rule them all, and on our phones, bind them?

Siri's original co-founders are back, and they're hoping their new integrated virtual assistant Viv will succeed where Siri stumbled. Read More

Intel takes a swing at one of AI’s biggest challenges with NCS2

Some of AI's great limiters are size and volume. But with NCS2, Intel hopes to make headway on both counts. Read More

Forget CPUs and GPUs — the IPU is the future

CPUs and GPUs have been the stars of the computer show for decades, but could purpose-built A.I. architecture like the IPU be the future? Read More

The race to 5G and the future of the Internet

5G just rolled out in four (4) cities in the US via Verizon. Here's why the major telecoms are racing feverishly to get there first. Read More

Can Facebook and Oculus bring VR to the masses?

VR is still one of the great, last frontiers in digital technology. Has Facebook figured out how to bring it mainstream with Oculus Quest? Read More

Nvidia, RTX 2080, Turing and ray tracing, oh my!

From video games to AI processing, GPUs are all the rage. And Nvidia just dropped its next generation architecture and endless possibilities. Read More

Image editing is hard and time consuming — AI is about to fix all that

Image editing is both hard and time consuming, especially when it comes to object isolation and selection. AI might change all that. Read More

Content is king. Don’t believe me? Ask Walmart

You know times are changing when Walmart tries its hand at a completely new industry. Content has proven to be king, and Walmart wants in. Read More

The US is back on the supercomputing summit with Summit

Following years of eager anticipation, Oak Ridge National Laboratory fired up Summit, the U.S.'s supercomputing crown jewel. The fastest such computer in the world. Read More

Cloud computing companies racing to adapt and evolve… by using A.I.

In an effort to stay ahead of consumer demands — and retain/grow market share in the process — the leading cloud providers are powering up their offerings... through A.I., of course. Read More

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