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Category: Products

Why Is A Minimum Loveable Product Better Than A Minimum Viable Product?

For years, businesses in the tech and innovation space have been measuring their initial offering in terms of MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This was a great term to help businesses take an offering to market that represented the minimum that they were happy to unveil.  Over the years, however, the... Read More

Don’t start building your digital product until you know these 3 things

When you think you’re ready to start building a digital product, it can be a really exciting time. Many people have a clear idea of what they want their digital product to look and feel like, and this drives the creation.  However, there’s much more that must go into planning... Read More

What is Digital Product Development?

In a world where every activity we do on a daily basis is becoming increasingly digitized, digital products are becoming a major focus for many companies. But in order to ensure their success, it’s important that enough attention is paid to the development of these digital products. What do we... Read More

What you need to know about the voice user interface

The voice user interface is the wave of the future. It's where your clients expect you to be. Here's what to know and where to learn more. Read More

Robots and AI aren’t coming for your job, just the boring parts of it

Robots and AI probably won't take your job, just the boring parts of it. Humans are still too good at too much, but boring tasks? See ya! Read More

Will Apple upend the healthcare industry next? Morgan Stanley says so

Apple has been branching out beyond hardware for some time; The next upheaval might be in the healthcare industry (or so says Morgan Stanley) Read More

TensorFlow tops list of favored machine learning programming languages

A recent survey shows what programming language leading machine learning practitioners prefer. Topping the list? TensorFlow. Read More

AI put to new, novel purpose — helping spice makers develop new flavors

There might not be an industry in which AI can't lend a helping hand. Up next? The kitchen, where spice makers are inventing new flavors. Read More

Not to be outdone, Intel announces AI breakthrough of its own at CES: Nervana

Not to be outshone at CES 2019, Intel fired back at many of the larger hardware players in AI with the announcement of Nervana. Check it out: Read More

Can Graphcore really threaten Nvidia’s crown?

Nvida has worn the AI processing crown for years — is Graphcore poised to topple the sitting monarch? Read More

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